por_rokPor-Rok® Anchoring Cement

Our most popular product, Por-Rok® Anchoring Cement is a non-shrink hydraulic controlled expansion cement that only requires the addition of potable water. Por-Rok® Anchoring Cement is designed to be a fast setting,non-metallic, pourable grout. Por-Rok® sets in 15-20 minutes and obtains strengths over 5,000 psi in 60 minutes.

This product is packaged in a 50 pound pail and shipped 42 pails per pallet. The formulation is propriety and the raw materials are currently produced only in the USA.

Suggested applications include Anchoring Bolts, Dowles, Railings, Reinforcing Rods, Machinery Bases.

Download Specifications Here | Download MSDS Sheet Here


•Securing Anchor Bolts
•Securing Dowles
•Securing Reinforcing rods
•Securing Railings in concrete
•Securing Machinery Bases

Features and Benefits:

•Sets in 15 Minutes
•Controlled Expansion
•Easy to Use –Just add water
•Meets ASTM C 1107